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2003-12-25, 10:03 PM

Change is as good as a long rest.

The other day, a friend said "sometimes change is as good as a long rest". I cannot agree more. Sometimes, life is so smooth and there is nothing wrong with it. Everything goes well and sails smoothly. Maybe because it......Continue reading

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2003-12- 9, 8:35 PM

Le Gavroche

今天辦公室的耶誕聚餐 老闆中午請我們去了位於Alberni 與Cardero 的法國餐廳Le Gavroche 此餐廳的價位比我最喜歡的法國餐廳Le Crocodile稍微便宜一點點 他們的Wine List 在溫哥華滿有名的 不過我發現食物並沒有Le Crocodile 的精緻與美味 我想如果要我自己出錢吃法國餐 我的第一選擇還是Le Crocodile...:)......Continue reading

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